Friday, January 27, 2012


Eli took part in a bike/trike-a-thon at preschool benefiting St. Jude Hospital. Brandon was able to take his lunch break and surprise Eli at the event since I was stuck home with a grouchy girl with a cold. Eli had so much fun and rode his bike prouder than ever! He has gotten a lot better at riding his bike lately. It is perfect timing because the double stroller is getting pretty darn heavy for me with both kids in it and I need to free up some space for Asher pretty soon! I told Eli that from now on he can ride his bike when we go on walks, while I push Cora in the umbrella stroller. He was so excited! We gave it a whirl the other day and he loved it! He likes to pretend that the driveways are railroad crossings, so we do a lot of stopping :-). He is growing like a weed!

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