Friday, March 25, 2011


This week involved going to the zoo with friends, getting a cavity filled, and supporting one of my friends during a minor surgery. The kids had a great time at the zoo. Eli kept saying "How cute!" at the animals and "ANOTHER ONE!" The animals were all rowdy for some reason while we were there. The gorillas were fighting and hitting the glass, the giraffes were running around, and the rhinos were fighting too! Eli's favorite thing was this gorilla that popped a squat and peed right in front of us. He thought it was hilarious. Cora loved the flamingos and she kept pointing at all the animals she was able to see from the stroller. Both kids loved the sheep. As we were leaving, Eli said, "Bye Bye sheep, Eli loves you!" The only hiccup we had was Cora's reaction to sunscreen. I put some on her a couple weeks ago for the first time (but it wasn't very much) and it was no problem. This time, I put more on...and she had a terrible reaction to it. She broke out all over her face and her eye was running (notice photo below). I usually use Neutrogena Pure and Natural kid sunscreen, but now I'm going to have to find something else. I bought some Aveeno for sensitive skin, so we'll have to give that a go. Sunscreen is a MUST, considering we are outside a lot and my Grandma Buck had skin cancer. We'll definitely be back to the zoo soon! I am definitely going to cut back on the sugar after having a cavity filled yesterday. UG! It sucked! The only good thing about it was the hygenist gave me all sorts of inside information about the good speech therapy places here in Wichita since her son is involved in it. I guess it was worth it, ha ha. This morning Brandon watched the kids for four hours while I supported one of my friends in surgery. It was a little nerve wracking, but all turned out well and I am praising God for that! He had a great time with the kids and they were great for him! Eli always was so full of drama when I was gone in the past, but Cora isn't like that. She is always thrilled to see me, but is great for Brandon when I'm gone! YAY!

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