Thursday, March 3, 2011


All my life I've wanted to be a homemaker like my mom. She was fabulous at her job! She cooked three meals a day for us, always getting up early to make sure we had a good breakfast before school, and taking care of all our needs. My mom is creative at all she does, so I was raised doing wonderful crafts, puppet shows, holiday traditions, imaginative games and playing, etc. I want to be like her! I always hoped and prayed I would marry someone that could support us financially so I could stay home once I had kids. It's probably a good thing I married someone older and already stable in a good job, or that probably wouldn't have been a reality. I am forever grateful. Brandon works so hard and with such integrity...I am so proud of him. Being able to raise and take care of my kids every second of the day is amazing. I can't even imagine having to leave them with someone else. I always feel so bad for friends who have to work and send kids to daycare. I am determined that no matter what happens, we can adjust our style of living for me to still be able to stay home. Not everyone is cut out for being a homemaker, though, and I understand that too. It is a very isolating and often boring job. I am fortunate enough to have a hands on husband who helps with the kids when he gets home, so I can get a break and gain back sanity :-). I am sure I will get a part time job or get more involved in outside activities once both kids are in school full time. I really enjoy the job, though! I love cleaning our home (I like a REALLY clean house), cooking, coming up with activities for the kids, teaching them, reading to them, etc. It is my life and I embrace it! I might get discouraged once in a while and complain when the kids are sick, but overall I am thrilled with my life and I praise God for this opportunity!


Michelle said...

Good for you!! I feel the same way. Some days are more challenging, certainly. But I wouldn't trade this job for anything in the world. I wish I was better about doing arts/crafts type stuff with Ira. I am just not very creative when it comes to that kind of stuff. We still need to get the kids together for a playdate sometime!!

Michelle said...

Good for you! I feel the same way about being a homemaker as well! Some days are more challenging than others, but I wouldn't trade this job for anything in the world! I envy your creativity with the arts/crafts type stuff. I really have trouble incorporating that into our day. We still need to get the kids together for a play date sometime!!