Monday, March 7, 2011

10 Months

Although this past weekend was ALL about celebrating Eli's birthday with his friends and family, Cora turning 10 months old was always in the back of my mind. TEN MONTHS people...that's two months away from ONE! Cora is the sunshine in our lives and Brandon and I literally exclaim every day how blessed we are. Our kids are amazing and we couldn't be happier! Every day Cora is doing or saying something new, and it's always a pleasant surprise. She doesn't even seem like a baby anymore, since she is walking and talking so well! At 10 months Cora is:
1. Saying more and more, such as, "Book", "Ball", "Milk", "Hi Dada", "Baby", "Brown Bear" etc.
2. Going from stomach to sitting
3. Walking on her own EVERYWHERE. I rarely have to spot her since she usually falls to her bottom.
4. Eating more table foods and can feed herself. It is wonderful having two kids feeding themselves, so I can actually eat. She's eating diced cheese, beans, grapes, etc. all on her own.
5. Loving books! Her favorite book is "Brown Bear"
6. Getting 6 teeth at once. Four have cut and two are cutting right now. This will make a total of 4 on bottom and 4 on top.
7. Getting more attached to her pacifier while teething. I only give it to her for naps and bedtime, but she will run to her room and try to find them in the crib or on her night stand. It is common for her to come out with a big smile on her face, a paci in her mouth, and a paci in each hand!
8. Still getting into everything. She can search out the tiniest crumb and it will end up in her mouth. I have to sweep multiple times per day to keep up with her. Yesterday, I found a bright blue smiley face sticker in her poop when I was changing her diaper. We got a good laugh out of that!
9. Getting more social. She doesn't get as overwhelmed at new people, and will actually walk to strangers and try to converse with them. She will also be held by others, as long as she doesn't see me too near by. She LOVES Brandon and squeals in delight when he gets home from work.
10. Loving talking on the phone and will hold it up to her ear. She always says "Dada?" when she sees a phone or hears it ring.
11. Two inches shorter than Eli was at this age. Two whole inches!
12. She is pointing at everything and everyone. If she sees a picture of herself she points and says, "baby".
13. Singing. She will actually sing Justin Bieber's "Baby baby baby oh" and the "McDonalds" song
14. Throwing fits by throwing herself on her stomach and crying when she doesn't get her way. Dramatic!

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