Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Summer Plans...

One of my favorite blogs posted her summer goals with her kids, and I thought it was a great idea! There is so much I want to do with them, but will likely forget in all the craziness! Here are my summer ideas:

1. Go to the Sedgwick County Zoo with friends

2. Try out Tangyanika Wildlife Park

3. Swimming lessons for Eli at the YMCA

4. Go to the pool with the kids a few times

5. Exploration Place when the weather is bad

6. Walk at Great Plains Nature Center

7. Picnics in Oak Park

8. Several trips up to my parents farm for country fun

9. Camping at the lake (since my parents have an awesome camper we can take advantage of for added fun)

10. Lots of time outside playing in the sandbox, sprinklers, baby pool, and gardening

11. Weekly playdates at the park with friends

12. Have people over for lots of barbecues

13. Vacation in Texas for a week to spend time with the in-laws

14. Introduce Cora to the bike trailer, so we can go on family bike rides

15. Daily walks

16. A weekend away trip to KC for JUST ME and my friend (once I'm done nursing Cora)

17. Take Eli to his first movie, Cars 2

18. Make homemade ice cream with Eli

19. Play in the sand and fly kites at the river sandbar (the beach) and Sim park

20. Start our Botanica membership once the weather is warmer and take the kids often

21. Take Eli on some fair rides that he's finally old enough for

22. Take the kids to the parades around town

23. Work with Eli on learning to ride his bike

24. A father son bird feeder building project

25. Set up an outside basketball goal for Eli

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