Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We enjoyed a wonderful week in Plano, TX with Brandon's family for Thanksgiving. The trip there and back went great (it helps that Cora is so easy and we stopped for an hour both ways at a play place). The kids soaked up all the attention from the family, and Eli got to play with his cousin Gavin almost every day! The weather was in the 80's the entire time, so we spent hours outside playing at different parks. Eli enjoyed playing in the hot tub every night, visiting Santa with Gavin and Cora (who cried the second she saw him), getting hot chocolate with Papa, eating all the delicious Thanksgiving treats, painting ornaments with Grams, visiting his uncle Paul's pig Dudley, and more! Eli asked for a "candy cane" for Christmas, and my nephew asked for a "spaceship and matchbox cars". It was adorable! All three of Brandon's brothers hadn't met Cora yet, so it was fun to introduce our sweet little girl to them! After our horrible two weeks of sickness, we are SO THANKFUL to have two healthy kids.

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