Tuesday, November 30, 2010


One of the greatest things about Thanksgiving was that Cora started saying "MAMA". She hasn't been as verbal as Eli, as far as babbling goes, so it was a total shock when she said it. Brandon had gone out with Eli and I thought I heard her say it. When Brandon came home I told him, but he reminded me it doesn't count until both of us have heard it. He took Cora and in minutes was yelling for me to bring the camera. There she was saying, "Ma ma ma ma ma". It was awesome! Eli said "Dada" first, so it was my turn! She is still saying it all the time and has added "Baba". The other morning my mom was here and actually got her to say, "Nana" too. We all heard it loud and clear! She is at a very fun age! This video is the exact moment she started talking!

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