Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Great Wolf Lodge

We spent two nights at Great Wolf Lodge with the rest of my family. My parents took us, my brother, and my sister's family. Eli has literally been counting down the days for weeks! Every day he would count, "One, two, three, GREAT WOLF LODGE!" He still remembered what a fun time we had last year. This year it was even better because he was brave enough to go down the giant adult tube slides. I think technically he was too short (and I didn't see any other two year olds doing it), but they allowed him to go on it and I am so glad! Brandon was able to have a lot of fun doing it with him. I was so proud of him! My nieces and nephew had the time of their lives too. Cora was such a trooper. She was happy hanging out in the stroller with her toys while Brandon and I traded off playing with Eli in the water. The kids all enjoyed the perks of staying in a hotel that's just for kids. They enjoyed story time and the older kids did the "quest" game and had a blast. By the end of the trip Eli kept saying, "Aunt Em!" Proof that he's been around his cousins a lot! Both kids took naps on the way to Kansas City and back, so it was a great trip all around. It really is a wonderful, easy mini vacation staying at Great Wolf Lodge. No matter where you travel most kids enjoy the hotel pool the most, so it's a perfect fit! Adults can have a lot of fun too!

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