Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cora rolled over for the first time yesterday at 2 1/2 months old! She rolled from her stomach to her back, and I tried to get her to do it again for Brandon when he got home and she rolled from her stomach to her side. You'd think that each little development wouldn't be as exciting as it was with Eli, having been our first, but it's just as fun! I think we know better now that each development leads to more and more fun. I spent the weekend finishing up packing for our Lake Tahoe trip next weekend. I'm completely done except for the last minute items, which is a great feeling. I've been prepping Eli for the plane ride and telling him what to expect, that he'll have to wear his seat belt the whole time, etc. He's really excited to get to chew gum (he loves chewing a tiny piece of gum once in a while) and to go really high in the sky. This week marks the first time Cora wants to go to sleep on her own in the crib and not in my arms. Usually like most newborns she would fall asleep nursing, being rocked, or in my arms with her pacifier. Now she just wants to be laid down in her crib on her side with her paci and she falls asleep. Part of me is relieved (because it was big struggle trying to keep Eli quiet and occupied while I would get her to sleep) and part of me is sad because she is already becoming more indpendent and less of my little cuddly needy baby. I really am trying to treasure every moment I get with her because she might be our last. I'm really trying to appreciate each stage she is at knowing I may never go through it again. We are really enjoying having two kids. I feel I can easily give them each equal attention and nurture them both to a degree I'm happy and feel good about. Brandon and I really like being able to each take a kid and trade off etc. We're loving our little family!

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