Wednesday, July 14, 2010


We thoroughly enjoyed having Brandon's parents and grandparents here with us this weekend. They all got to spend time with the kids and hang out. Bob and Donna brought up an adorable little bike with training wheels for Eli. I can't believe he's old enough for a bike already! We had Brandon's 2nd cousin Justin and his girlfriend over for dinner, which was fun. Cora was her usual sweet self, but Eli was a disaster the whole time. I guess just having his schedule interrupted did him in. He screamed and cried and threw fits. I've never seen him so terrible. I guess that's life, what can you do? He was back to normal today luckily. Unfortunately, on Sunday I came down with mastitis. It's an infection that causes or is caused by a clogged milk duct and being extremely run down and stressed. I have just been so busy I knew I was running myself into the ground but didn't know how to find rest. I had a fever, chills, exhaustion, and pain all day Sunday and Monday but finally got a shot of Rosefrin in the hip and woke up Tuesday feeling all better. What a relief! Now I get to play "catch up" for the days I was sick. UG! Brandon and I just feel like we're scrambling to get everything done we need to do before we leave for Tahoe in a week and a half. Praying for some rest and relaxation some day!

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