Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July

What a fabulous adventure our 4th was this year! We all met up at the farm to throw my sister's family a huge "Welcome to the Family" party. We always have a big Corman bash on the 4th.....it's pretty much everyone's favorite wild get together. We originally had about 65 people coming and had the house all decorated, food ready, etc. when it started raining so hard there was terrible flash flooding. We didn't think people would be able to get to my parent's house, as well as be able to fit everyone inside (usually we have tons of chairs etc. outside), so we rented a community center at the last minute. Then, we took everything down and loaded three vehicles full of decorations, food, and drinks. We headed up to Ada to the community center in the pouring rain and right when we got to Ada there was deep flash flooding going across the road to the point we couldn't even get to Ada. We had to go home, unload everything and just have the family come to the house for the party. At the time we were a stressed mess, but later we laughed our heads off at the disaster. The rain ended up stopping right before the party started and it turned out to be a blast. The kids were all able to do fireworks and it was beautiful enough to be outside! Nothing like getting 7 inches in a couple of hours! YIKES! We barely got home yesterday because there was terrible flooding everywhere and the road out of town was flooded in two spots and almost closed. What a wet mess! Overall, we had a blast with our nieces and nephew. Brandon fell in love immediatly just like the rest of us. They are awesome kids!

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