Sunday, May 23, 2010

Nieces and Nephews

Meeting my nieces and nephew was so wonderful! I have been just dying to meet them for a while now but was unable to travel due to my pregnancy. It was so frustrating to me not to get to support my sister the way I really wanted to during that time. What a relief to meet these wonderful children and introduce them to Cora. Of course everyone's reaction to my sister adopting five kids was that she was crazy...which she admitted was true :-), but once you meet these kids you realize there is no way you couldn't save them from the broken system they were in. The kids are amazing and their personalities are so awesome. They are definitely little charmers. It definitely will be chaotic and hard because there are five of them, but it will be worth it! They all loved Cora and had so many questions about her. They were somewhat horrified at her dried up cord stump (that finally fell off last night) and couldn't believe they'd had something like that when they were babies. They all wanted to hold her all day and the girls all helped me change her diapers and cover her up with blankets. They were all little mommies to her. Even Destin wanted to hold her a lot. They all got a biology lesson with breastfeeding and were so amazed (they'd only seen babies bottle fed). Precious decided the reason Cora can't talk is because she doesn't have any teeth yet :-). I laughed so hard all day at the hilarious comments. What cuties! I love them and miss them already. I can't wait for our trip up to the farm in a few weeks!

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