Monday, May 10, 2010

1 Week Appt.

We survived our first outing with both kids! It was interesting taking them both to the doctor's office for Cora's one week appt. We made it out of the house only forgetting our cell phones and my wallet. Cora is doing great! She weighs 7 lbs 14.2 oz (which is the 75th percentile...HOLY COW). She is already up past her birth weight and almost eight pounds. She eats a ton, so no surprise there. My mom was mentioning to Eli how all Cora does is eat and eat and eat and he said, "POOP!". We started cracking up. That's right...she eats AND poops! When we do Cora's "tummy time" Eli lays beside her on his stomach doing it too and today when we went in to get him from his nap he wanted her to join him in bed for a snuggle. He wouldn't let me join them. It's amazing to watch this love relationship unfold. I know once the newness wears off and Brandon goes back to work in a week things might change, but I'm going to try to remember these beautiful moments.

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