Sunday, May 16, 2010

My wonderful two weeks of having Brandon home to help is coming to a close. Luckily I feel fully recovered and up to the challenge of parenting two children....people do it all the time right? Eli has picked the WORST possible time to start getting his two year old molars. He was being absolutely horrible on Friday night and we were really concerned that it was just terrible two's, but Saturday morning I discovered one of his molars had come in. I've been trying to give him Tylenol and teething tablets, but I'm not sure it's helping that much. He keeps gnawing on things and acting out. Yesterday, was the first time in history he didn't take a nap. He laid in his bed just talking to himself and playing with his stuffed animals but never fell asleep. Today, he went down fine after I gave him some Tylenol. Poor kid! I'm just relieved there's a reason for the madness. We went to a barbeque at the Racchini's last night and Eli had fun playing with all the kids. I enjoyed showing Cora off to all our friends and it felt great to socialize a little bit. Same with church this morning. I haven't been to church in a long time because of sickness and the baby, so it felt wonderful to get back to worshiping and the fellowship. Eli was excited to be back at Sunday school and Cora and I spent the sermon in the nursing mother's room with a few other friends with babies. Now that we have two kids I definitely have been feeling double the prayer responsibility. I feel I have so much to pray for and praise God for. I always pray for health, safety, and that they'll choose to follow Christ throughout their lives. I also pray for their spouses. My mom always prayed for our spouses, and I figure that's the only way I snagged Brandon :-) So much to pray for so little time!

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