Saturday, May 29, 2010

I'm absolutely thrilled it's the weekend! I will really start cherishing the days I have some help from Brandon and can get things done! I actually got to weed my gardens for the first time since Cora's birth. Woo, what a relief. Cora is just a beautiful sweet little girl. She is very mellow UNLESS you try to put her in her swing. She hates that thing and isn't too thrilled with her bouncer either. Seriously, where do I put her then? I usually end up holding her if she's awake or putting her on her tummy with a mirror and toys to look at. She can flip her head from one side to the other when she's on her tummy and hold her head pretty darn good. She can smile and coo once in a while. She is super wiggly and actually pretty hard to hold when she's awake because she throws her head back a lot and pushes on you with her feet. You really have to hold on to her! She can also poop, fart, and belch with the best of them. Eli thinks it's hilarious. My cousin Megan brought her baby Natalie by this week. She is two weeks older than Cora. It's awesome to both have toddler boys who can play together and now the girls as well!
Eli and Brandon's new adventure is a bike trailer that Brandon got for father's day. Eli loves it! Brandon really loves it because he gets great exercise and Eli has fun too. They just went out for a ride while it's cool to go pick Mulberries at Sim Park. I'm just waiting for the stained clothes when they get back! I took the kids up to Cessna this week, so all of Brandon's coworkers could meet the baby. Eli had a blast as usual raiding the candy bowls and even managed to get a banana muffin...ha ha. This week I asked him what his sister's name was and his response was "Doo doo". I got a huge laugh out of that one! He can't say Cora, but calls her "Bree" which is his word for baby for some reason. I had to put a picture on here of Eli at a month old. It's amazing to me how identical their eyes, nose, and cheeks are! Cora is definitely a lot darker (more of a Judson) and has smaller ears and less hair. Oh, how I love my kids!

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