Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I'm very grateful today for my two wonderful children! It feels so amazing to say our "kids". Cora slept wonderfully last night going to bed at 9 and getting up every three hours to eat and poop a million times. I'm considering that my Mother's Day present. I'm recovering well and the only pain I complain about is my back from nursing and carrying her around. Cousin Sam came over for pizza and a visit last night. Eli enjoyed having him here. We went for our first family walk, yesterday. Eli was so excited to use the double stroller. I only made it to the end of the block and back, but it did feel wonderful to be out as a family. Cora is my little "butter ball". I'm still just amazed at how big she is. Newborn onesies are just barely fitting her already. I can't help it but I just laugh with joy at this big bundle. She looks so much like Brandon!

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