Thursday, August 23, 2012


We had a "Reading Party" last night as Eli finished his 12th book and the final book in the first Bob book series.  His reading is really improving (we read one book a day during Cora's nap) and now I don't have to do a separate "speech" time because he gets so much practice reading aloud!  He absolutely loves it and has gained a lot of confidence this summer.  He loves getting out his little pack of books and reading them aloud on his own...he will come ask for help if he gets stuck on a word.  Cora thinks she can read too and repeats the words Eli is saying :-).  I am super proud of him and hope to continue to foster a love of reading.  I was a book addict before I had kids (no time in this season of life) and would stay up late into the night reading as a kid.  In other news, Eli got a new bed!  My brother gave him his bunk bed set, which has a full bed on bottom and a twin on top.  Both kids absolutely love it.  Eli was jumping up and down when he found out he got to have it.  They love to play on it.  It was quite an interesting experience getting it up our narrow stairs, but we were super heroes!  Eli is now a part of a group of boys in our neighborhood that I like to call the "Riverside Gang".  It is adorable!  Living on a farm was an incredible experience, but I never got to experience just walking to the neighbor's house to play.  It is wonderful to just hear a little knock on my door from one of the boys on our block wanting to play with Eli or inviting him down to play tag or hide and seek.  There is a boy, Jaxon, that is Eli's age and a 10 yr old, Braden, that Eli especially plays with.  Although Cora is a wonderful playmate for Eli (and they get along great), it is important for him to hang with the guys.  I can tell Cora has a crush on Braden (absolutely adorable).  She shyly went up and gave him a hug the other day when he left.  Summer is coming to a close!  Eli has less than 2 weeks before school starts.  He will be going to pre-k Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings.  He had a wonderful year last year, so I'm praying for the same this year!  I'm going to miss that little booger while he's gone.  I know Cora will especially! 

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