Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Farm living!

When we saw the weather was going to be beautiful, on a whim, we decided to head to the farm for the weekend.  We had a little bit of a hilarious start up.  Picture our mini van with a blown tire (which we originally thought was Cora kicking the side of the car) and all of our junk sitting on the side of the road while Brandon changed it!  Eli overheard me talking about "donuts and spare tires" to my mom and yelled out the door to Brandon, "Dad is it a peanut or a regular tire?"  Never a dull moment!  We stopped in McPherson to get a new tire and headed to the farm.  Although we got a rough start, it was a GLORIOUS weekend.  Cool weather, no bugs, and a lot of fun!  We went to the Minneapolis park a few times and it was beautiful and the kids loved it!  The kids spent a lot of time in the "secret garden" that my mom created in her lilacs playing hide and seek, riding the four wheeler, throwing rocks in the pond, climbing into the hay loft, swinging on the tire swing, and running around the yard!  We spent time with my parents and my brother and it was great.  Brandon and Will got some time away and got to go see a movie and eat.  The farm always feels like a special stress relieving retreat for us and we are so thankful to have it! 

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