Monday, July 2, 2012


Oh Cora!  What a character.  Every day is more fun with her!  I absolutely adore everything about her and every single curl on her cute little head!  She is a delight and so fun.  She is always along for the ride and is up for anything, whether it's a game with Eli or running errands.  She is the perfect combination of girly and rough and tumble.  She loves dresses/clothes, jewelry, painted nails and lip gloss, tea parties, dolls/barbies, but at the same time she loves bugs, playing in the dirt and getting messy, wrestling with Dad and Eli, playing with airplanes and cars, etc.  She is so tough and has a super high pain tolerance.  Cora has officially ditched her kitty that she used to sleep with for a rubber frog and stuffed penguin.  She also still loves singing and dancing.  Her favorite song to sing right now is "Deep and Wide".  She is getting two year molars right now (only HALF of one has come through in 2 weeks...BOO), so we have had some serious drama over the past two weeks, which has been slightly hilarious.  Brandon and I just shake our heads because she has been very emotional, which has included crying, throwing food, hitting, and biting (I should mention she was kissing Asher and all of a sudden bit his arm and left a mark...I was horrified).  It's just once in a while, but still out of character for her.  I am sure the "terrible twos" have factored in.  For the most part, she has been an amazing big sister.  She wants to hold Asher a million times a day and smothers him with affection...a lot of kisses and hugs.  If he's crying, she will say, "You okay Asher!"  She can talk in paragraphs.  It still blows my mind on a daily basis.  Her use of language is amazing.  The most exciting new aspect in Cora's life is that she is potty training!!!  For the past week, as long as she is naked or in a diaper she will ask to use the potty.  She is accident free and doing so well.  I am super proud!  We have a special "potty song" we sing and dance to after she goes and it is hilarious.  Picture the entire family singing and funny.  I am just letting her take it at her own pace in hopes of being completely diaper free (minus naps and night) by the end of summer.   

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