Monday, July 23, 2012

2 Months!

Asher is 2 months old today and such a little man!  He is still a happy, sweet baby that we all can't get enough of.  I still say that he is absolutely the perfect addition to our family and God has blessed us!  I truly treasure every second of my time with him because he is my last and I don't want to miss anything this first year especially because they change so quickly.  Getting up in the night doesn't even bother me!  At two months Asher:
1.  Has great neck control and is easier to carry around.
2.  Likes tummy time as long as he has his paci and his little mirror to look in.
3.  "Talks" and coos constantly to anyone who will chat with him.
4.  Looks for me all the time if I'm not holding him.  He will follow my voice until he has zoned in on where I am.  So cute!
5.  Is sleeping longer stretches at night.  His first stretch is usually a whopping 5 hrs (although he goes to bed early around 7:30, so I don't actually get to sleep during that time) and is sleeping 3 hr stretches, which has been awesome.
6.  Is eating every 3 hrs or when he's hungry, which has been very different from my other two.  Both Eli and Cora ate every 1 1/2-2 hrs for the longest time, but Asher gets MAD if I try to feed him when he's not hungry. 
7.  Really responds to his siblings.  He loves being held by Cora and smiles at both the kids constantly.
8.  Is wearing size 2 diapers already and outgrowing Eli's 3-6 month hand-me-downs already. Sheesh!
9.  Is weighing somewhere around 11 lbs.
10.  Only cries when he is tired.
11.  Loves baths or showers with Mom.
12.  Enjoys our morning walks looking around at all the trees etc. 
13.  Sometimes has trouble staying asleep during naps and has to be put down several times before he stays asleep. 
14.  Is constantly getting comments from everyone on what a happy baby he is!  We all love him!


Emily said...

Love it! It's hard to believe he is already 2 months. He is a cutie too.

Emily said...

Love it! I can't believe he is already 2 months old! He is a cutie!