Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Eli got to go on a field trip yesterday with his preschool.  They went to Cici's Pizza (which I had never been to), and learned about how to make pizza and then made their own.  It was a lot of fun and the kids really liked making and eating their pizzas (I brought a GF crust for Eli).  Eli was so excited to get to drink Sprite (probably the second time in his life he's had pop).  I'm guessing that was the highlight for him :-).  Cora loves his preschool class and teachers, so she had a great time too!  In the evening, we had parent teacher conferences.  I can hardly believe we are already in the last month of school.  I am actually REALLY sad about this.  He only goes Tuesday/Thursday 9-11:30, so it's not a lot of time away, but he has so much fun and I love our schedule and the alone time with Cora.  I absolutely adore his teachers and am so sad for him to move on next year to a different class and be going Monday/Wednesday/Friday 9-11:30.  It is going to be a big adjustment ending school, adding a newborn, recovering from c-section, etc. in the same week.  I am praying that he is not bored out of his mind this Summer and that I'm able to keep up with his schooling (which he LOVES to do), speech, and fun activities for him.  We'll see!  It was really fun to see Eli's improvement from the beginning of preschool to now.  The teachers make this big binder to keep all of his work in from the beginning of the year to the end, so you can see the difference.  They also did an end of the year assessment, which was really fun to look at.  He has had a wonderful year of school.  He behaved wonderfully, which was probably really hard to do in a class of really wild and emotional boys.  His teacher said he is WAY WAY ahead cognitively and will do great next year because it is more challenging (he already is doing a lot of things at a Kindergarten level).  He loves all of the brain challenges and anything that involves a cognitive challenge.  He is doing great in writing, but doesn't really like coloring or the art type projects.  His weakest area is the fine motor skills like scissors, but he has drastically improved from the beginning of the year to now.  He still does a lot of self play too, which we have really seen improving in the last couple of months.  He actually acts kind of shy at school, which I think is so funny.  Overall, he is doing great and I couldn't be more proud of him!  This year of school has been so fabulous and I am dreading the end of it!         

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