Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day and Cora's new bed!

Brandon surprised me yesterday and took off work for my birthday! We were able to have a nice little Valentine's Day breakfast with the kids (they loved their little goodies and cards from all the family) and I got to spend some time with my best friend in the morning before Eli's wild school party! All the kids had a blast at the school party and it was nice to have Brandon there to help with Cora! The kids were very in to passing out their Valentines. Eli said, "Piper loves me...that's why she gave me this Valentine!" He was so cute! I ended up with a little digestive virus the rest of the day...happy 26th! We were able to pick up Cora's new bed and Brandon spent the afternoon putting it together. Cora LOVED it! We didn't show her until we had it completely done and then sprung it on her. She was in love. She spent probably an hour just laying on her new pillow and pulling her covers up and declaring herself a "big girl" and "I'm big now!" She didn't seem to care at all that we had moved her crib into our bedroom. It's all set for's a great feeling. She slept great last night (but did wake up a couple of times looking for her kitty that was hiding under the covers) and is now sleeping soundly in there for her nap. I was really surprised at how excited she was. It feels great to get another transition out of the way!

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