Tuesday, February 7, 2012

24 weeks

I officially have a c-section date! Asher Graham will be making his debut (if he doesn't come earlier) on May 24th at 7:00 a.m. I am really excited to have it on the calendar. It definitely makes everything feel real and within reach. My pregnancy is going great, considering I am a very active homemaker playing with two kids all day, cooking, and keeping the house clean! I have been very fortunate to have felt pretty darn well most of the time these past few months (I did have one night of throwing up twice a month ago...but that was a fluke). I definitely have some tired and moody moments (you can ask Brandon about that). At this point with Cora, I already had a terrible neuroma in my foot, back pain, and was anemic. I've only had minor foot pain (I wear orthotics and tennis shoes at all times when home) and no back pain yet. I did have one dizzy morning the other day that got me thinking about iron deficiency. My next appointment is my glucose test, antibody screen, and blood panel. Time is flying! I have probably gained about 17 lbs and am measuring 2 weeks ahead (like I have been the whole pregnancy). Asher's heart rate was 139 yesterday and he had hiccups this morning for the first time! The kids talk about him all the time, so I am curious to see how they adjust when he is born. He will definitely know their little voices. Cora knew Eli's and would always turn her head if she heard his voice. I pray that the rest of my pregnancy goes as well as it has so far and that we have a nice healthy baby at the end of it!

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