Sunday, February 5, 2012

21 Months

Just when I think Cora can't get any cuter, she goes and outdoes herself! She is just a happy and funny little girl. I couldn't be more grateful for her. She reminds me every day to smile and find joy in the little things. At 21 months:

1. She is putting sentences together. Even yesterday, I counted out an 8 word sentence she had just said. It blows our mind! She calls us "honey" all the time and it cracks me up. She'll be like, "No no honey!" She also calls Brandon "babe" a lot. She talks about herself using her name. It is adorable and I love how she says, "Cora" with her little voice.

2. She still is obsessed with outside. She does the slide by herself and we now do a lot of following Eli riding his bike, while Cora is in the stroller. She LOVES dirt. She gets into my plant dirt (ugh) and will lay on the ground and just dig up the dirt. I have all these little holes in my garden. She still loves doing chalk, sandbox, and bike trailer.

3. Her favorite book is The Big Pink Book of Everything.

4. Her biggest accomplishment of the month is that all of a sudden she can count to 12 or sometimes past. She knows all her colors, shapes, and we've been working on letters. If you ask her to spell her name she says "B-0-b". We have no idea where she got this idea, but it is hilarious. Eli will always correct her and say, "No, Cora is spelled C-o-r-a!"

5. She still loves praying with her adorable little double jointed hands folded. She prayers for everyone and everything (even Barney).

6. She loves Elmo and Barney.

7. She is super friendly everywhere we go. She tells everyone she sees "hi" or "bye" and will talk to them. A lady at the grocery store asked her if she talks a lot at home and she said, "Yes. I talk and I sleep!"

8. She is VERY happy to see Brandon when he gets home and the kids come up with ways to surprise him, whether it's hiding in the closet and jumping out at him or hiding under a blanket. Throughout the day she'll remind me, "Mommy, Daddy be home from work later!"

9. She loves to use my pregnancy pillow as a "nest" and the kids play on our bed a lot.

10. She is obsessed with "baby Asher". Every doll is named "Asher" and she is CONSTANTLY asking me to lift my shirt up so she can touch and talk to my belly. She will play doctor and put the stethescope on my belly to check on Asher and declare him "healthy".

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