Saturday, March 3, 2012

22 Months

I want to freeze Cora at this age. I LOVE it! At 22 months:

1. She tells everyone how to spell her name. "C-O-R-A...CORA!" She thinks she's writing it on the sidewalk with chalk or when she's coloring. It's so cute!

2. She knows all her letters and loves to sing her "ABC's"

3. She sleeps in a big girl bed. The only glitch we've found is that once in a while she will get out of bed really early (like 5) and come to our room. I have to take her back to bed and she'll usually go back to sleep for a while longer. This has made for some grumpy mornings. She LOVES her bed, though, and plays in it throughout the day.

4. Her favorite books right now are "The Poop Book", "Clifford", and "My Daddy and I"

5. She loves the "Barney song" and "Lord's Army"

6. She loves to go with Brandon out on errands (whereas Eli has started wanting to stay home with me unless it involved biking or trains).

7. She asks to be "naked" all the time. I will let her once in a while. She will run all over the house having a blast. I always put her potty out where she is if she is naked and the other day she used it after Eli told her to! Honestly, I think he is going to potty train her because she wants his approval so badly and he keeps telling her to use it. After she went, she said, "Look Elijah, I did it!" and he gave her a high five.

8. She still cries once in a while when I leave, but is fine the second I'm gone. The other night when I got home she said, "I'm so glad you're home! I cried."

9. She fights getting in the carseat once in a while.

10. She still loves all things girly and will get our her lipgloss saying she wants, "pink or sparkly". She calls necklaces "cool" or "pretty" and actually asked if she could have "earrings" the other day :-). She wears around bracelets and carries her little purses. I love it! When she has a dress on for church she will spend a lot of time watching herself twirl in the mirror declaring herself "pretty!"

11. She asks a lot of "why" or "what is that?" questions.

12. She is my little snuggle bug! I love snuggling her and I get a ton of kisses and hugs and cuddles throughout the day.

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