Wednesday, December 7, 2011

19 Months

Cora is another month older and one month closer to being the teenager she already acts like. She has turnd into quite the character! We pretty much spend our days laughing our heads off at her antics. She's all about the drama, teasing, and fun. At 19 months:

1. She has become extremely expressive. She makes the funniest faces. You can ask her to make any face (angry, sad, surprised, happy etc.) and she will oblige. I love her toothy grin and her cheesy faces.

2. She loves "tickling" and teasing us. Her tickling is more like scratching and punching our necks. She thinks it's hilarious to "trick" us.

3. She still loves Elmo videos.

4. She loves having her nails painted, wearing jewelry, picking out her clips for her hair, and picking out shoes to wear. She also loves to play with my makeup or put on some chapstick.

5. She talks all the time and will say and sing anything. She loves nursery rhymes and will say them a lot. She also loves singing ABC's, Away in the Manger, Pat-a-Cake, Praise Him, Itsy Bitsy Spider, etc.

6. Cora still is our little dancer. I love the fact that she will dance no matter where she is or what she is doing. She doesn't need music or a reason. She has the best moves and will copy anything we show her. It kills us! She still chooses Michael Jackson as the best songs to groove to.

7. She throws the food she doesn't like down to the dog to eat. Little stinker!

8. She can definitely play the part of the "bratty little sister" to Eli. They play nonstop, but she also knows exactly how to push his buttons. She will purposely dump his container of animals out, poke him, steal one of his toys he's playing with and run, etc.

9. She has enjoyed the Christmas lights, treats, etc. this month. She loves the "CHRISTMAS TREEEEEE" and is warming up to Santa. She gave Santa a high five the other day and loved the candy cane he gave her. She loved discovering snow for the first time the other day (she was a baby last year). Eli taught her how to eat it and make footprints.

10. Has started saying some hilarious things. The other day she hit Eli and I asked her "Who hit Eli?" She said, "Daddy did it!" She also ran up to me whimpering the other day and when I asked her "What's wrong?" She smiled and said, "I FAKING!" I also told her to tell Eli sorry about something and she said, "NO SORRY ELIJAH...NO SORRY!"

11. Our biggest accomplishment this month is the fact that she is PACIFIER FREE! Yesterday, was the first day we said, "Bye bye boppy". She is going to sleep fine (I still rock her with her Kitty), but was up at 4:30 this morning asking for the paci. We'll see how the next few days go, but I am very excited that it has already been a million times easier than I expected.

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