Tuesday, October 11, 2011

7 weeks

Thought I would just post a quick pregnancy update. I had a really rough week last week feeling nauseous and tired all the time. It was hard for me because I had to let a lot slide, and I take my homemaking job very seriously. I couldn't cook big meals and I barely got the housework done. I felt bad about everything and I was grouchy in the mornings. I was so glad to start a new week! I just needed a fresh start! I am thankful I haven't thrown up yet and I have started the week feeling great. I got all the meals planned, house cleaned, and did the grocery shopping for the week. I am on top of things. I feel like time is going very quickly because I have two cuties to distract me. I have also grown a little tiny baby pooch belly. I am definitely already having "cravings" and smells get to me. It is nice to have already gone through this two times before, so I know what to expect!

We ended the rough week with a fun weekend! I babysat my nieces and nephew overnight so my sister and Joel could celebrate their anniversary. We had a blast! Then Saturday, we went to a parade downtown (a herd of giant longhorns led the parade) and we all celebrated my brother's birthday with paletas, Sumo's Japanese Steakhouse, and a haunted house. It's always wonderful to be with family!

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