Wednesday, June 29, 2011


We just spent a glorious week on vacation/business in Plano, TX with Brandon's family. Brandon had to go for work anyway, so we tagged along for the ride and spent the week there. It was the just the vacation we all needed! The kids were amazing in the car. Brandon and I are so excited that our kids are finally old enough that car trips are actually fun and not dreaded like usual (although I should add it wasn't all joy considering Cora pooped all over her carseat and we had to listen to Old McDonald on repeat for 3 hrs). Both kids are at such fun ages to do vacation. They were both excited about everything we did and it was a great adventure! Here are some of the highlights:

1. We went swimming every day in Brandon's parent's pool! Eli had so much fun jumping in, swimming around by himself in his life jacket, floating on the noodle, hot tubbing with Papa with their special juice drinks, and got even more comfortable in the water as the trip went on. We just have to barely keep a hand under his stomach when he's swimming. He had a blast! Cora wasn't too thrilled with swimming at the beginning, but by the last night she had warmed up to the idea and had fun jumping in, throwing balls into the pool, floating in her little floatie, and eating popsicles on the deck!

2. We took the kids to Hawaiian Falls Waterpark. Cousin Gavin had a blast doing the big slides and our kids had a great time on the Lazy River and Wave Pool.

3. After Eli's lymph nodes swelled up huge, we took him to the doctor and he was tested for mono and strep throat. Luckily, it was Strep Throat and he started some antibiotics. We were fortunate that he acted like himself the whole time and never had a fever. It was strange, but I am glad it didn't really affect our trip. I must add that Cora had the runs almost our entire vacation from a virus or teething we aren't sure, but once again we were fortunate because she never acted like she felt sick!

4. We spent the cool mornings at different playgrounds around the area and the Willowbend Mall play place. We also all took the kids to ChuckeCheese and the boys played games together.

5. We spent a lot of time with all of Brandon's wonderful family! Brandon's grandparents and aunt Carol came down from Arkansas to visit, so we enjoyed time with them. We saw Brandon's brothers Paul, and Blake, and Brandon was able to visit Lance. We spent a lot of time with Brandon's sister Brittnie and our nephew Gavin. The boys had a blast playing and swimming together. They are great friends. It has been a joy to marry into such a wonderful family! Our kids absolutely adore them all.

6. Eli followed Papa around when he was home from work wanting to learn and help him. It was so cute! Papa taught him all about how the pool works and the pump house, so Eli told us all about it the whole time. He also helped Eli feed the rabbit that comes to their yard carrots. Every day several times both kids would want to go out and feed the rabbit. It was hilarious! There are probably millions of rabbits in their yard this week munching on all the carrot pieces the kids threw. 7. Brandon did the balding walk of shame and had his mother Donna shave his head. She did a great job and I love it! Now Brandon and his brother Paul look like twins! Brandon paid it forward and shaved his grandpa's head too!

8. Cora turned into a true southern girl! Everywhere we went she would say, "Hi, Ya'll!" and "Bye Bye, Ya'll!" It was so cute! She also learned to say everyone's names.

9. Eli is obsessed with TEXAS! The entire time he wouldn't leave the house unless we assured him that we were staying in Texas...such as we're going to a "TEXAS Walgreens, TEXAS mall, TEXAS playground, " etc. We all got such a kick out of it. He was really upset about leaving Texas and cried for quite a while when we left. He said, "I don't like Wichita, I want to stay in TEXAS!"

I am truly thankful for our little family and our extended family and the time we get to spend together! We all cherish it!

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