Sunday, November 25, 2012


We've had sick kids the past two weeks, so I am starting to fall behind on keeping track of life around here.  It is time to get caught up!  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my Corman side of the family.  We have gotten too big for houses and have started renting my aunts and uncles church in our neighborhood to hold the feast and fun.  We had around 60 people celebrate with us with a big potluck lunch and dinner and it was a blast.  I have always been really close with all my cousins.  We're all still friends and love to get together.  Now a lot of us have little kids that get to play together and will hopefully be as close as we all are.  I love having it at the church.  The kids can play with all the toys in the nursery and the park is just at the end of the street.  I definitely got my Corman fix.  All the Cormans are smart, loud, wild, musical, funny, stubborn, spiritual, and more.  There are a lot of heads thrown back when laughing and fists pounding the table.  It feels like home to me, and I love it!  We had my family from Texas staying with us, and Cora loved playing with my cousin Grace.  They've decided they are sisters and played together nonstop.  It was fun to see what it would be like if Cora had a sister...they played kitchen, sang, worked on ballet, hugged, held hands, etc.  It was adorable!  They both just have brothers, so it was some great girl time for both of them!  P.S.-I just found out I've reached my free photo limit for this blog, so as soon as I figure out what to do I will come back and add photos!     

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