Saturday, November 3, 2012

5 Months

My littlest man is 5 months old and still all of our joy and delight.  This kid gets smothered in so much love it's rediculous.  One of us is always kissing or snuggling him.  He is right at the beginnings of my absolute favorite baby age.  He's not a floppy newborn, I can carry him on my hip, and he is playing with the kids and toys!  At 5 months Asher is:
1.   Laughing a lot.  He is super ticklish, but also laughs his head off at Cora dancing or other funny things the kids do.
2.  Pulling hair like crazy.  Cora's hair is especially tempting and whenever the kids hug him or snuggle him he usually ends up having a death grip on their hair (much to the kids dismay).
3.  Sitting up for short periods on his own.  This week especially he can sit for quite a while playing with toys, but with our hard wood floors I'm always ready to catch him! 
4.  Standing all the time with help.  He actually will even take steps holding our fingers.  He loves to stand and hold onto Eli's shoulders while Eli is sitting on the ground.  I don't even have to hold onto him.  Asher definitely thinks he is a big boy.
5.  Starting to get into things.  Wherever he is he grabs for everything he sees and tries to put it in his mouth.  Even if I'm holding him I have to be careful because he's reaching out and grabbing stuff.  He loves grabbing the kids and their toys and loves playing with all of his toys and chewing on everything in sight. 
6.  Scooting a tiny bit.  He will scrunch his legs up and move a little.  On his back, he moves a lot and is rolling both from his stomach to back and back to stomach.
7.  Definitely ready to eat baby food.  He loves taking his probiotic in a spoon (to try to help him poop more often...he only goes like once a week).  He is also lunging for our food.  I can't wait to start baby food at the end of the month. 
8.  Playing with his feet a lot. 
9.  Reaching for us!
10.  Growing hair back after losing all the baby hair.  I can't quite tell what color it is going to be, but seems like maybe it is going to be lighter like Eli's. 

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