Monday, November 7, 2011

18 months

Cora is 18 months old! Honestly, it actually feels like she is older by how much she talks and the way she acts. She thinks she's a big timer! We comment all the time about how amazing she is and how lucky we are to have her in our lives. She is a wonderful gift from God and I am blessed daily by her! At 18 months she is:
1. Constantly saying "Hi!" to people wherever we go. It is hilarious. It doesn't matter where we are, if she sees someone she will yell out to them and try to get their attention. Sometimes she will be shy if they talk back, but she is very friendly.
2. Saying "NO!" and "STOP!" all the time. They are definitely her most used words. If Eli starts bugging her, you'll hear her yell at him. It's so sassy!
3. Loving doing running games with Eli and still loves wrestling.
4. Asking to go "outside" all day long. I think it is going to be a rough Winter, because this girl LOVES to be outside. She loves walks, bike rides, and just playing.
5. Always asking "I come?", "I coming!", or "Elijah COME!"
6. Loving dancing and has a new form of dance we like to call speedy feet. She also does spins and copies our dance moves.
7. Speaking in phrases constantly like, "Chunk of cheese", "Both hiding", "Go hide", "Let's go", "Here ya go", etc.
8. Tattling on Eli. She'll say, "Elijah PUSHED!" OR "Elijah KICKED!"
9. Now recounting what she did while I was gone somewhere. She will tell me exactly what she did with Brandon, my mom, or sister. She'll tell me, "Dada, bike ride, and park!"
10. Naming all of the titles of the book. She'll ask for, "Go to zoo", "Daddy and I", "Wocket in my Pocket", "Messy babies", "Tractors" etc.
11. Talking to the "baby" in my tummy all of the time. It is adorable!
12. Diapering her dolls and loves to feed, shush, and burp them.
13. Throwing herself back and arching her back for tantrums when she doesn't want to do something. Getting her dressed, changed, etc. can sometimes be a challenge.
14. Saying "OW!" all the time if she gets hurt (although she is super tough and has a really high pain tolerance).
15. An absolute DELIGHT!

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