Saturday, September 8, 2012

Holding Hands!

We had friends over to celebrate Brandon's birthday.  The Racchinis have been our friends forever and our kids are all the same ages.  Their youngest Liana is just a couple months older than Asher.  She was playing on the playmat and I laid Asher down beside her.  She immediately grabbed his hand and they held hands for a long time.  It was the cutest thing!  Even when she tried to let go he grabbed her thumb and held on!  It was just so darn cute!  Yesterday, we had some storms roll in and cooled everything down.  The highlight of my day was laying on my bed with both my boys (Cora was napping) with the windows open having what we called a "windy snuggle".  Asher loved watching the trees whipping around and Eli kept telling Asher how much he loved him and snuggling him.  I love being a homemaker!  You couldn't pay me millions to miss these moments. 

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